Celebrating 120 Years of Family Fun

June 1-3, 2018

Ruttger’s is turning back the clock to different eras at the resort by bringing back events, activities, features and specials from the past. The weekend will include:

    • 120th celebration open house and all employee reunion
    • A Ruttger’s museum (and antique road show type of event)
    • A car show
    • Hickory shaft long-drive contest
    • A slip n’ slide
    • 50’s Malt/Soda Shop Burger Lunch
    • Wacky hat contest
    • Talent show featuring the triumphant return to the stage of magician Chris Ruttger.
There will be a special 120th Anniversary $120 Special will be available to guests.

Early promotional footage from Ruttger’s.


Early scenes in the waters of Bay Lake, featuring the Green Lantern slide and water wheel.


Schedule of Events

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Times for events will be announced later

Ruttger’s Museum
(Ruttger’s Antique Road Show)

The library will be converted into a museum featuring artifacts from throughout history. The museum will be open throughout the weekend, but at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, you are invited to bring in YOUR Ruttger’s artifacts. Jack, Ann, Chris or other family members will be there to review the items.

Car Show

The Garrison Car Club will bring out the cars to display in the east parking lot.

Hickory Shaft Long-Drive Contest

Can you bomb it like Bobby Jones? The driving range will host a long-drive contest using a hickory-shafted club. Winner receives a prize.

Slip n’ slide

We can’t bring back the Green Lantern slide, but we can do the next best thing. Slip and slide into Bay Lake from west beach.

50’s Malt Shop & Burger Lunch

Since the open house will not include food (cake only), the resort will host a traditional 50’s lunch on the west deck and lawn – 1950s style. Burgers, fries, malts, fizzies, etc. will be served.

120th Anniversary Open House

This is the signature event of the weekend. The open house will take place on the West Deck and Lawn, and feature cake and a cash bar. History displays highlighting the unique aspects of each decade at Ruttger’s will be scattered throughout the area.

All Employee Reunion

All employees who have worked at Ruttger’s are invited to come to the event. Each employee will wear a name tag that lists the years and position(s) they worked. An all employee photo will be taken.

History Archive

A photographer/archivist will collect stories from you and former employees. What’s your favorite Ruttger’s memory?

Wacky Hat Contest

Back in the day, the resort used to host Wacky Hat Contests. It’s back! The Country Store will host the event.

Formal Dinner at Ruby’s

No hats and everyone must dress up, just like in the old days.

Talent Show

Another beloved tradition returns. Guests and employees can perform. Event will take place in the ballroom.