Kids’ Kamp (age 4 – 13) create an exciting summer camp experience for your children so that you can golf, play tennis, shop, or just relax knowing the kids are in good hands and having a great time too! With continual interaction and guidance from our trained, qualified counselors and a full-time adult supervisor, your children will be kept busy with games, activities, and fun – with a special focus on connecting with nature. Lunch is served each day at 11:30 a.m.


Kids’ Kamp is an outdoor adventure camp! Each day has a different exciting curriculum focused on being outdoors and enjoying nature. This includes canoeing and kayaking, nature hikes, fishing, swimming, birding and more. In addition to these outdoor activities, there will be crafts and activities galore, including nature journal writing, ice cream making (and eating!), plus lots and lots of games (kickball, capture the flag, bean bag tournaments, obstacle course, etc.). Kids are encouraged to leave their phones in their cabins and get connected with nature!

Parent Information

Kids’ Kamp is included in Ruttger’s Resort Plan and Kids Stay Free packages. Kids’ Kamp is available for Ruttger’s guests who are ages 4 – 13 and are fully toilet trained. Days, hours, and schedules may vary during holidays and some special packages. Please register in advance for Kids’ Kamp in the Activities Office located near the Front Desk. Same day registration is available at the Kids’ Kamp building at 9 a.m. Parents pick up and sign out their children from the program at Kids’ Kamp at the end of each day’s session. To ensure safety, children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to and from the Kids’ Kamp building and be fully registered each day, signed in, and signed out. New ID bracelets are distributed each day. The program is flexible and daily schedules vary depending on the number and ages of children attending each day. Ruttger’s staff cannot administer or dispense medications of any kind. Please note: We are very flexible if your child would just like to “try it out” for a few hours. Contact the supervisor at 218-678-4642 or the Front Desk (Dial “0”) for more information.


  • Kids’ Kamp | Ages 4 – 13
  • Swimming (bring your suit!)
  • Arts & crafts
  • Nature hikes
  • Island excursions
  • Fishing & pontoon rides
  • Canoe/Kayak trips
  • Ice cream making/ Ice cream social
  • Birding
  • Games: kickball, capture the flag, bean bag tournaments, obstacle course, etc.
  • Special events & guests
  • Lunch at 11:30 a.m.

Lodging Only Rates

Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. – $33 per child, per day 

Ruttger’s Resort Plan Rates

No additional fees – included in RRP rate.

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