Here Fishy, Fishy!

Fishing Resort

Did you know that Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge has their very own fishing guide? Well, we do! Meet Lynn Harker….

Retired after 34 years of teaching, Lynn has been guiding professionally on Bay Lake for 20 years. Included in his guide service is the boat, fuel, bait, tackle, PFDs, fish cleaning, education, safety, and fun! For rates and more information you can go to the Ruttger’s website at:

Lynn doesn’t just take you fishing…he takes you on an adventure!

So all of you could get know him a little better we asked him a few questions.

What is the best part of guiding for you? Being a fishing guide is a real dream for me. I’m a fishing addict and when I guide I get paid to go fishing! How can you beat that!! I can guide 5 days in a row and I truly will go fishing on my own the next day. I get to meet some very interesting people from politicians, to professional athletes, to just everyday people. I got to guide Glen Frey from the Eagles for two days! But the most enjoyable part of guiding is when a kid catches his/ her biggest fish of their lives. The smiles and expressions on their faces are priceless. I also love to share my knowledge and love the sport of fishing. Being a retired teacher of 34 years, I can still teach in my boat, not just how to fish, but my interest in wildlife, birds, clean water, and all things the nature of Minnesota has to offer.

What is your favorite fish to catch? I am a multi-species guide. I will fish for anything my clients want to go after, panfish, crappies, bass, trout, northerns, walleyes and muskies. I like to catch fish! When I guide I want my clients to catch a bunch of fish! I have hard core walleye clients and I have families that want to go catch a bunch of sunfish, it’s all fun. I think my favorite fish is the walleye but crappies are right up there too. I have fun catching anything that swims!

Okay….here come the Fish Tales! What is the biggest fish you have ever caught? My biggest, or personal bests are a 32 inch walleye out of the Rainy River (about 13 lbs), a 26 1/2 lb. northern from Mille Lacs lake, a 48 inch Muskie out of Mille Lacs lake, several 5-6 lb. bass and even some 15 inch crappies. All were caught in Minnesota and most were caught within 20 miles of Ruttger’s. One of my best fish stories was when I was guiding a client from New York who wanted to catch his first muskie. We fished three solid days and finally on the last afternoon he hooked a very large muskie. After a hard fought battle and several heart pounding runs, I netted his first muskie ever! We high fived, hooted and hollered and I told him to get his camera out for some pictures while I got the fish unhooked and out of the net. As I was lifting the fish out of the net the giant muskie twisted in a way that it hurt my wrist and I dropped it into the lake!! The guy had just caught not only his first muskie of his life but a true trophy, paid me for three whole days of fishing and I dropped his fish back in the lake! The fish gods were with me that day! The muskie, being tired and a bit dazed swam across the top of the water along side my boat toward the front. I quickly grabbed the net again, ran to the front and netted the fish. I was never so thankful for a fish in my life! It was well over 30 lbs. almost 50 inches long. Talk about exciting!

That is an awesome story! Next time you stay with us, make sure to consider booking a fishing guide trip and make your own story!