Looking Fore-ward to the Golf Season – Tips from Jamie


We are excited for a great golf season! Head Professional Jamie Alderman (PGA) offers these golf tips to help you get the most out of your next round of play.

 Prepare Before You Play with these great tips:

  1. Stretching is a must, most importantly, your back and shoulders. Spend at least 15 minutes to avoid possible injury.
  2. Do yourself a favor—do not try to figure out your swing before you play. Do not overwork yourself and get tired and frustrated. This time is meant for “warm up.”
  3. Go with your shot tendency from the range to the course. Although this may not be what you were looking for, it’s always easier to repeat this day’s swing.
  4. Warm up with all the clubs. Hit about 30 balls and split about half your time on your short game. Golfers like to go to the driving range and hit a lot of drivers. While it can be fun to rip some big drives early, remember you only hit 14 drives at most throughout the round.
  5. On the putting green, practice mostly inside seven feet. For distance control (lag putting), take three balls and putt them to various spots on the green without looking up until all three are hit. This will give you the “feel” for the greens. Note: The average tour player makes less than 10 percent of 15- to 20-foot putts
  6. Spend time chipping. Hit from multiple lies. Most golfers chip about 12 times per round.
  7. Focus on what you are doing. Going through the motions is exactly that.
  8. Relax. Enjoy your time on the golf course.

Looking to start this spring with good habits to improve your game?  Call Jamie for some private instruction.  He also gives weekly Tuesday adult clinics, Wednesday junior clinics, or Thursday junior play days.

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