Ruttger’s in the News

Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of providing exceptional vacations to our guests, both new one as well as guests that have been coming for years. Therefore, we are proud to be named one of the top favorite Minnesota resorts by the Star Tribune, as well as being featured in the Brainerd Daily Dispatch’s publication, Generations in Business. Both are a true honor and we are grateful for the recognition.

First, we would like to thank you, our guests and the readers of the Star Tribune, for voting Ruttger’s as one of your favorite Minnesota resorts. We are honored that we were recognized as one of the top 24 favorite resorts in Minnesota, especially with all the great resorts located in our state. We are constantly working hard to provide extraordinary vacations to our guests, and receiving recognition such as this provides us with great appreciation.

At Ruttger’s, we provide a variety of vacation options to our guests. There is a wide range of lodging options, including lodge rooms, cabins, and villas. We also offer three different plans for your stay, including the European Plan, the Modified American Plan, or the new Bay Lake Plan. There is also a variety of activities at Ruttger’s, great food, beautiful Bay Lake, and much more.

We would also like to thank the Brainerd Daily Dispatch for featuring the Ruttger family in their publication, Generations in Business. The Ruttger family, starting with Joe Ruttger, has been running Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge since 1898 and we are proud of the legacy they have created.

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