Shopping at Ruttger’s

Shoppers, get ready. The Country Store, The Garage, and Auntie M’s Kaffeehaus are now open daily. While each store has unique items, they are all a part of the abundant history that helped turn the shopping at Ruttger’s to the best at Minnesota resorts.

The Country Store, which was the first store to open on the Ruttger’s property in 1906, boasts a wide selection of women’s specialty apparel, shoes, jewelry, home décor options and more. While the store originally sold groceries and feed to the area, shoppers today will find quality and trendy options.

Located next to the Country Store, The Garage is the perfect place to find a variety of items including custom Ruttger’s clothing, home décor items, gifts, and items for children in the toy store. The Garage, which was a former gas station, has a large inventory of Ruttger’s clothing including sweatshirts to wear to the nightly bonfire or a Ruttger’s tee shirt for children to color in for a fun activity and memory.

Children will also love the toy store, which has everything from dolls and cars to children’s games and books.

After all that shopping, Auntie M’s Kaffeehaus, named after Auntie Mae Ruttger Heglund, is the perfect place to go for a treat. On the drink menu you will find a variety of beverages including fresh ground coffee, espresso drinks, smoothies and tea. Auntie M’s also has ice cream, candy, and pastries for those who want to satisfy a sweet tooth. And in case you need to get a little more shopping in, Auntie M’s has unique gift options.

Whether you are looking for mementos of your time at Ruttger’s or a unique gift option, you are sure to find it at one the shops at Ruttger’s. We hope you will stop in the Country Store, The Garage, and Auntie M’s Kaffeehaus during your next visit to experience the excellent shopping at Ruttger’s.