Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Who would have thought that a sport that became popular in the ocean waters of Hawaii would make its way to Bay Lake, Minnesota? Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, has become a worldwide sport after being popularized in the Hawaiian Islands. At Ruttger’s, we are working with Power Paddle to bring the sport to the waters of Bay Lake.

Paddleboarding is an ancient form of surfing that reemerged in the 1960s when surf instructors began standing on their boards to get a better vantage during group lessons. Since then the sport has grown in popularity, starting first in the warmer climates and eventually making its way to areas such as Bay Lake.
The popularity of paddleboarding can be attributed to several factors, including the workout benefit. Paddle boarding works an array of muscles in your body, including your core muscles. For this reason, several athletes “cross-train” with paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is also popular because it is easy to learn. You can become very comfortable in the water and on your board after being on the SUP board for about an hour.
If you are interested in trying paddleboarding or have done it before and would like to go again, head to the beach and Ty from Power Paddle will assist you in getting set up on your board. Paddleboarding will take place every Wednesday and Sunday. The rates are $25 per hour, $60 for half day, and $100 for a full day rental.
To help you become even more comfortable with paddleboarding, we’ve provided some tips for beginners to get started. When you are getting on your board, it is best to start by kneeling on your board and getting a feel for it. Once you are comfortable, stand up on the board with your feet parallel and hip distance apart. When standing on your board, you should be centered so neither the nose nor tail of your board are dipping in the water or popping out of it. After you have practiced balancing on the board, it’s time to start your paddle boarding adventure. When you are a beginner, start with short strokes that are close alongside the board. When you paddle, twist with your torso rather than paddling with your arms and always keep your eyes up. And while paddleboarding is relatively easy to learn, you can expect to make the occasional fall as you sharpen your skills.
We are excited to introduce our guests to this unique sport at Ruttger’s. Paddleboarding is the perfect way to connect with Bay Lake. As you skim across the water, you are able to see fish swimming below your board, a pair of loons floating in the distance, and take in the extraordinary natural beauty surrounding you.