Meetings & Events – Benefits of Off-Site Meetings

When putting together a fiscally responsible business plan, off-site meetings and events can easily fall off the radar. It may seem that the time, effort and expense of planning the event does not equal the outcome. However, in today’s world of email, Skype, texting, and rushed agendas, an off-site meeting is one of the best investments your company can make.

One of the most important outcomes is the opportunity for people to connect! In the office, we all have our own responsibilities and demands on our time. It is hard to come together, get to know each other, and focus on new ideas. Many times this is not achieved in the actual meeting room but during a dinner or an event. Many clients tell me that they come up with the best ideas and solutions to challenges while sitting around the bonfire at the resort.

When we are in the same office space, it is difficult to break free and brainstorm new ideas to increase business or solve problems. By taking your team out of that environment, providing a relaxed atmosphere and breaking formal barriers, your team can imagine new ideas. A great idea is holding a portion of your meeting outside, on the lake, or with a fun event to break open the barriers that may be holding back a team of realizing a goal.

A third benefit is everyone hearing the same message at the same time! This provides everyone the opportunity to offer immediate feedback, positive reinforcement and understand the goal, all at the same time. This will build the synergy to meet a challenge, tackle a goal or celebrate a success together! You cannot put a price on this kind of opportunity.

The overall benefit is Time! Time Together! Time to Reconnect! Time to Re-energize and come up with those Fresh Ideas!

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