Meetings & Events – Music to Inspire


In my last blog, I talked about a resort working together to create beautiful music. Music has such an important impact in our lives. A sad song reminds us of someone we lost, a happy song reminds us of a celebration, and a love song reminds us of someone important in our lives.

How is music important when planning a meeting or event? The right music can set the tone to enhance your theme. Working on a sales rally, chose upbeat high tempo songs to play during breaks. To encourage learning, play classical music to allow concentration. To add drama or flair to a presentation or announcement, find music that builds to a crescendo. For receptions, add calming music to put people at ease, which will allow for more conversations and networking. Bring in live entertainment to end a successful program on a high note.

As you are designing your program or event, think of music and be inspired. Keep a song in your heart and in your agenda to see what new energy it can bring to your group!

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Thank you!