Meetings & Events – Save Money Planning Your Next Event

Here is one quick tip to save money as you plan your next meeting or event. Once a location has been chosen, take a few minutes to do a little more research. Find out when “peak” season is for the area through internet searches, Convention & Visitors Bureau or a local chamber of commerce website. Once you have obtained this information plan your event on either side of this window. For substantial savings, plan the event three or more months outside of this time frame. Work with your onsite contact to find out if by moving the event one or two days during the week could save you money as well. Sometimes shifting your event by as little as 24 hours can save a lot of money to the bottom line.

For more information about planning an event at Ruttger’s, you can contact us at 800.450.4545 or you can request a proposal at our website:

Happy Planning!